Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things Organized Neatly

When I was little I would set out my outfits for each day of the week, labels and all. Totally OCD. If you are too, don't miss Things Organized Neatly.


Lawn Party... said...

omg. i love this tumblr. i am so right there with you on the organzing!

Kat said...

Oh-I love things organized! Thats good right? Right?


simran khanna said...

love to see color combination.

Anonymous said...

loveee that photo, beautiful! and that tumblr is great

Hannah Louise said...

Ahhhh i love that blog. I follow it through mine and my bf's shared blog: http://our-big-adventure.tumblr.com/
OCD can provide some interesting photos at times! ha.