Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday List

April is coming! My favorite time of year...which might have something to do with my birthday being at the end of the month. Sure, it's not as magical as it was back in the day, but I still get pretty excited :)
1) There's nothing better than an oversized, soft and comfy tee.
2) I've had my eye on that ring for a while now. It's perfect.
3) Thank god for the Impossible Project, it's time to restock on polaroid film.


tinypaperheart said...

love the ring. :)


Beautiful blog. I am giving away a fashion illustration on my blog, you should enter, the prize is at the end of the month near your birthday.

seesaw said...

love the heart ring.

pumkyn said...

Those are both a lovely (and comfortable looking) shirt and ring. I hope you opened your birthday presents only to find them!