Monday, March 29, 2010

Collections and Kathryn Blackmore

Collections are popping up everywhere, and I love it. This gorgeous group belongs to Kathryn Blackmore. It has me wanting to dig up all my old collections (there are many to choose from), start new ones, and take pictures of them too! Glad I kept most of my rocks, but I wish I would have held onto all my little charms... Has anybody else been rediscovering their old collections recently?


McKenna said...

I love how simple both of your blogs are. You have such a simple and elegant taste.

la fille vanille said...

so adorable - love collections - and mood boards as a source of inspiration :-)

Katey Dutton said...

i've become reattached to ephemera from my youth. These images of amethysts take me back to the rocks i used to keep in my window sill, Glass raindrops that were hand blown on the oregon coast and who know what else that i've forgotten abt over the years.

I think it's necessary to start going thru some old boxes.